Martin Udo Koch, born in Tübingen in 1965, is working since 1985 in the art studio Kreative Werkstatt in Stetten.  Avid collector, the artist recycles everything that comes to hand, pots, toys, plastic animals, markers, CD, etc., to carry out its works of art in three dimensions which he calls “Denkmäler”, “Monuments”. His works are inspired by fairy tales and television.

Pinocchio, from the collection of MAD (Liège, Belgium) is a perfect example of the creation of the artist; many objects (figurines, dolls, pan, elements from a Kicker game etc..) made of various materials (wood, metal, plastic, etc..), fixed, usually using a glue gun, on a wooden structure previously painted.

The conservation state of the work of art is precarious. The major problem is a loss of tack of the adhesive used to attach various objects.

The aim of the project is to document the art work, to identify the various materials present and the type of adhesive used by the artist, and to study the behaviour of the latter (environmental behaviour, ageing, etc..) in order to determine the display and storage requirements. After this study the artwork will be restored.