The artist Werner Moron feeds since several years the desire to work with conservation as an artistic fact.

Since 1997, his “oeuvres-individus” emblematic of his artistic process, are exposed in destructive and often even extremely destructive environments. Werner Moron conceives the alterations form which they suffer as a metaphor for the environmental degradation; up to the point where he considers restoring his artworks.

At first, he doesn’t consider the use of specific techniques. By involving Boîte de Conserve and subsequently basing his project on knowledge and skills specific to conservation, he now intends to show that “something damaged is as original and eloquent as something new”

For Boîte de Conserve this collaboration means also questioning the meaning of conservation of contemporary art which, beyond the treatment of materials, argues the status of the work of art and the values guiding the conservation.

Boîte de Conserve explores with this project a new kind of dialogue with the artist: implicating the conservation perspective in the heart of artistic creation.

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